Leave your message after the beep...

A new way to allow your guests to leave you a message without pen and paper.

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Our service in a few steps

Find out why After the Beep is a simple and easy to use service. Even Grandma can do it!

Book our services

Select the desired day of reception of the device and the color of your phone. The rental period is 4 days. We advise you to choose the day before the event.


Receive the phone

You will receive the device and its accessories, in a case, the day you choose. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the phone and confirm that everything works.

Connecting the phone

Install the phone wherever you like. If a power outlet is available, that's good, otherwise use the portable battery provided. It should last for about 9 hours! Pro-tip: Use our free printable posters and display them in a beautiful frame to attract your guests.


Return the phone

Make sure everything is in the case and affix the shipping label provided to the designated area. Drop it off at the nearest post office before the cut-off time on the 4th day of rental.

It won't be long...

After receiving the device at our offices, our sound engineer will clean and normalize the audio files to ensure optimal listening comfort. You will then receive a link to your online gallery, usually within 24 hours.



Access your gallery with your password. There you will find a montage of all the voicemails put together and each individual message. Feel free to share these messages with your family and friends.


Our service lends itself to all kinds of occasions. Below you will find some examples.



Replace the traditional signature book with our device. This will save you the trouble of trying to guess what Aunt Donna has scribbled.



Graduates will be able to record a message for their future selves and play it back at their reunion, 10 years later.



A unique way to collect wishes. Ideal for grandparents' 50th or baby's 1st birthday.


Business start-up

Use the phone to collect the first impressions of your customers during the launch of your store or new product.

Ready to make your event unique?

Let your guests give you memories to listen to and cherish.

We love you, you love us!

Jade Paré, Mariage

Nos invités ont adoré utiliser le téléphone et je suis tellement contente d'avoir choisi Après le bip. Écouter les messages après le mariage était le plus beau cadeau que l'ont pouvait se faire.

Amélie Craig, Retraite

Super simple à installer et à utiliser. Les employés ont pu laisser un message pour la retraitée. Je recommande et réutiliserais vos service pour le prochain party de retraite. Merci!

Marie Tremblay, Mariage

Les messages vocaux sont le meilleur cadeau de mariage que l'ont ai pu se faire. Ma grand-mère est décéde peu longtemps après et ré-entendre sa voix me fait toujours chaud au coeur.

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